You can’t even imagine

“What you can imagine, you can achieve” is one of those success mottos of some rich and famous motivation gurus.

The difference: the first one is about goal setting and achieving, the second about expanding.

Together, the question is:

What is it that really benefits you and the world?

And are you willing to allow the details of the outcome to happen without controlling every step?

This idea is totally the opposite of what we are told in respect of reaching your goals. Work hard, schedule, control, improve, measure…

Creatives, gardeners and bakers know, that you can’t push the process of life with will power and hard work. The seed takes exactly the time it needs under certain circumstances to grow. Will power doesn’t force the process of life. It influences, helps to create a healthy environment for discipline, motivation, concentration, to give your best into the process.

Then it is no longer about the quantity you invest, how hard you work, but the quality, how much heart blood you invest.

I share this idea for those who have trouble finding joy in what they do, can’t appreciate what is, or simply don’t find peace inside, because I experienced this as well, and now enjoy sharing the fruits of those lessons: surrendering a part of control, opening up for the unknown, I discovered so much more …

Enjoy the experiment !!!


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