Manuela’s acting is based on a wide variety of personal experiences and exploration of the space outside the box with means of meditation, yoga, Chikung, Ayahuasca & Improv.

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2016  Umce 18 L’Aixopluc dels Caragols, recepció, role: internet friend, Quindrop, Spain

2015 Letters to Paul Morrisey, role: Annemarie, Director: Arnand Rovira

2012 The Absence of Strangers, Al White, Reno, NV 2012

2011 Reality TV, Das perfekte Dinner 
5 Day German Cooking Competition
 Granada Film, Köln

2010 Im Fluss des Lebens, role: Tourist, Director: Wolf Gremm, Zieglerfilm Berlin, ARD 2011

2010 Lügen haben linke Hände, role: Tourist, Director: Thomas Nennstiel, Zieglerfilm Berlin, ZDF 2011

Manuela Stoerzer

 Residence:                 Austria, Mallorca, Germany

Birthday :                    8.10.1965            

Place of Birth:            Neckarbischofsheim                    

Nationality:               German          

Ethnical origin:        Germany   

Height:                        175cm/ 5.9″

Size:                            36/38

Shoes:                         41/10    Film Production

Hair:                           blond

Eyes:                           blau

Voice:                         mezzosoprano

Languages:                   Englisch, Spanish, German fluently, French conversational                 

Accents:                      German-badisch, -bayrisch, English with French accent,
Spanish with French accent.       

Licenses:                    Car, Motorcycle, Private Pilot’s License

Possible habitation: Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Madrid, Valencia, Las Vegas

Special Skills:            Yoga, Tai Chi, Climbing, Rollerblading, Snowboard, Ski,
Flying planes, Shooting

Drama School/Workshops:

2016 Acting Workshop Jordan Bayne, NY

2014 Individual speaking training, Mallorca

2014 Acting and Cooperation with Director, Toni Bestard, Mallorca

2010-2011 Liquid Acting workshop Joe Giampapa, Reno, Nevada

2006 Meisner Workshop, Mallorca, MFA, Munich 


2004 Pagen Breadfastbread

2005 Spies Touroperator

2007 Orange Telecommunications

2010 French Mineral Water


2008     Event mit Dart Competition Nightclub Virtualclub, Mallorca

2010 Motorraddouble Toni Costa

Demolink youtube

Im Fluss des Lebens

Luegen haben linke Hände

Reality TV
Das perfekte Dinner

CONTACT  Manuela Stoerzer
Spain +34 661 682 888

US      +1 424 333 9003

Play  age 40-50
Contributing Talent for TONI BESTARD´s “Equipages”, Mallorca Spain


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